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Below you will find information about how our reminder system works and various patient forms.

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Reminder System

We are committed to preventative care. Research clearly shows that regular dental hygiene maintenance reduces overall treatment needs. Review intervals from patient to patient will differ during the varying stages during a patient’s life.

We recommend scheduling your hygiene and dental examination appointment at the conclusion of your current treatment otherwise we will send you a reminder letter when your next appointment is due.

Your scheduled appointment time is reserved exclusively for you and we aim to attend to you in a prompt manner. If you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason, please give us the courtesy of at least 24hrs notice. Your time may then be allocated to another patient in need. We will endeavour to remind you of your appointment via phone call or SMS text, but ultimately remembering your appointment time is your responsibility.

You may be invoiced a fee for failure to attend if you do not notify us that you need to cancel your appointment.