Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental Rehabilitation with Crowns and Bridges in Mornington Peninsula

Anyone who has experienced damaged or missing teeth could benefit from crowns and bridges.

Barkly Street Dental Group offers patients an extensive range of services aimed at restoring complete dental function and aesthetics. Not only do compromised teeth and spaces from lost teeth impair your ability to eat, chew and speak, they can also adversely affect the appearance of your smile in general. 

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What are dental crowns and what do they do?

Dental crowns fit over unsightly or weakened teeth to strengthen them and improve their appearance. Dentists often recommend them in the following cases:
• After root canal treatments
• Dental fractures
• Gaps between teeth
• Deep fillings, for which silver coloured materials may have been used
• Tooth wear and chipped margins
• Congenital diseases affecting enamel or dentin

The procedure for dental crown treatment

During an appointment for placement of dental crowns, our Mornington dentist will need to trim down the affected tooth to accommodate the crown. Once the ideal size has been achieved, an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory where the restoration is fabricated. When the patient returns for the next appointment, the custom crown is fitted over the existing natural tooth and the bite is checked, before using a strong dental cement to secure it in place. Finally, the crown is polished to complete a natural look.

What are dental bridges and how can they help?

Unlike dental crowns, which cover and protect damaged or unsightly flawed teeth, dental bridges are designed to replace missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw with artificial teeth. They are a convenient and functional alternative to a partial denture and are also an option when dental implants are not recommended.

As the name suggests, this restoration utilises a framework or bridge comprising of an artificial tooth or teeth surrounded on either side by a dental crown which fits over the natural teeth or dental implants located on either side of the gap. The artificial tooth or teeth “bridge” the gap giving you a flawless smile.

dental bridge between two crowns dentist Mornington Peninsula dental clinic

The Procedure for Dental Bridge Treatment

During your first appointment, our Barkly Street Dental Group team will evaluate the health of the soft tissues and teeth adjacent to any space from a previously lost tooth. If your dental bridge is supported by natural teeth, we will need to reshape the teeth which sit adjacent to the space. These natural teeth will serve as a support for the bridge. Once correct preparation has been completed, an impression is taken which is then sent to the laboratory for bridge fabrication. A temporary bridge will be fitted whilst the permanent bridge is being made.

3-4 weeks later, during the subsequent appointment for fitting the dental bridge, Mornington patients will have the bridge cemented to the supporting adjacent teeth with a strong bonding cement. Our dental team will ensure that you feel completely comfortable with the bridge and that you can bite normally without experiencing any discomfort.

Why choose us for dental crowns and bridges on the Mornington Peninsula

At Barkly Street Dental Group, we only use the highest quality porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) fabrications for our crowns and bridges. From experience, we know that these provide the best longevity and enhanced aesthetics.

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FAQs About Dental Crowns & Bridges

How long can crowns and bridges last?

Crowns and bridges are made using very strong dental materials and can last for one or more decades. It is very important, however, to maintain good oral hygiene at home so your teeth and gums remain healthy at all times. Infections can otherwise lead to failure of the treatment.

Will I be able to eat anything and everything I want after the treatment?

While our crowns and bridges are strong and resilient, we do advise patients to bite on or chew very hard foods such as nuts or boiled sweets with caution. These can break the porcelain which will then need to be replaced at our clinic.

What happens if my crown or bridge breaks?

In cases where your crown or bridge has been badly damaged, it is advisable to book an appointment so we can look at replacing them immediately in order to minimise any potential complications.