Dental Technology

Dental Technology

Modern dental technology for improved outcomes

Because of our ongoing commitment to dental technology, you can receive dental treatments, new teeth components and oral scans in one place and usually in one appointment.

We invest in quality digital dental technology to:

  • improve your dental experience
  • personalise the dental treatment you receive
  • eliminate the need for creation of tooth restoration components at an external laboratory
  • reduce the need for you to travel to external providers at other locations.

We use modern, innovative tools and technology solutions at our Mornington dental clinic. Our dental staff know how to use dental technology efficiently and appropriately to maximise your comfort in the dental chair.

Dental Technology 3D CBCT Scanner Mornington Peninsula dentist

Why we invest in dental technology

We invest back into our practice: it’s who we are and what we do. Our two highest priorities are patient care and patient experience. We believe that the appropriate and efficient use of modern and innovative dental technology helps us meet these priorities.

We make sure our practice’s commitment to regular and ongoing improvements in our dental surgery happens while you continue to pay reasonable and manageable service fees.

Our technology

We’re proud of our dental technology, so let’s dig a bit deeper and have a look.

CBCT Scanner

Our CBCT scanner takes high-resolution 3D images of teeth, jawbone and oral tissues. Standing for Cone Beam Computed Tomography, our dentists use this device to plan for dental implants and to get a better view when preparing for teeth extractions (including wisdom teeth removal).


Our orthodontic patients take control of their progress using the DentalMonitoring (DM) solution. Patients with metal braces or Invisalign use the DM teledentristy device and app to spend less time at our clinic, while still receiving quality orthodontic care.

CEREC Technology

There’s no need to wait up to two weeks for a crown, veneer or cap to be made off-site. Our clinic’s CEREC system means you can get your new tooth component made and fitted in one convenient appointment. The CEREC system comprises multiple components:

CEREC Primescan

Instead of using traditional moulds, we use the intraoral scanner to provide accurate, quick and easy information about the shape of your teeth.

CEREC Software

To design your restorative tooth component, our dentists use the artificial intelligence of the CEREC software.

CEREC Milling Unit

The CEREC milling unit and the software optimally synchronise with each other. Grinding and milling the designed restoration is extremely precise, achieving incredibly smooth surfaces. Even extremely fine fissures are very precisely prepared and the edges are extremely even.

CEREC SpeedFire

The CEREC SpeedFire is the fastest sintering furnace on the market and can sinter a full-contour zirconium oxide crown, allowing us to complete your restoration in one visit.

iTero intraoral scanner

Our dental clinic has an iTero intraoral scanner. It quickly provides 3D colour images of the oral cavity. We use the iTero scanner when planning Invisalign orthodontic treatment.