DentalMonitoring (Tele Dentist)

Tele Health Dentistry

DentalMonitoring designed for your lifestyle

Orthodontic patients at our Mornington dental clinic now receive innovative tele dental monitoring technology as part of the treatment process.

The DentalMonitoring (DM) telehealth solution allows our orthodontic patients to take control of the progress of Invisalign or metal braces treatments. Using the solution fits easily into busy lifestyles, saving valuable time. You’ll spend less time coming to our dental surgery for appointments.

You take scans of your smile with your smartphone, we track your progress and send you recommendations using the DM app.

The DentalMonitoring device is an extra piece of technology which helps us to provide quality orthodontics – at no extra cost to you.

How does DentalMonitoring work?

DentalMonitoring Mornington Peninsula 01 Download the DM app

1. Download the DM app

We send you instructions and an activation email so you can download the DM app on your smartphone; the app works with Android and Apple devices.

DentalMonitoring Mornington Peninsula 02 Take scans of your smile

2. Take scans of your teeth – anywhere

We send you instructions and an activation email so you can download the DM app on your smartphone; the app works with Android and Apple devices.

DentalMonitoring Mornington Peninsula 03 Receive your report

3. Receive your progress report and instructions

Our dentist monitors your orthodontic progress because of the regular scans you send through the DentalMonitoring app. Unless we feel it’s necessary, you won’t have the hassle of coming to our dental practice for an appointment.

DentalMonitoring Mornington Peninsula 04 Relax and smile

4. Sit back, relax and smile

Enjoy your path to a new smile, knowing we are keeping an eye on you remotely.

What makes up the DentalMonitoring tool?

The DentalMonitoring (DM) tool comprises 2 parts: an app and a scanning device called the ScanBox. You’ll also need your smartphone, which forms the central part of this clever dental technology solution.


The ScanBox is a plastic tool shaped to fit comfortably into your mouth. It comes with a bracket for your smartphone and a handle to carefully navigate the ScanBox tube around your mouth.

DentalMonitoring app

The DentalMonitoring app is available for Android and Apple smartphones.

  • provides you with instructions to take optimal scans of your smile
  • scans the teeth and saves the images
  • sends the scans to us
  • allows you to message our clinic.
DentalMonitoring device Mornington Peninsula dentist Scanbox

4 reasons to love DentalMonitoring


You’ll enjoy how simple and convenient it is to provide progress images to us. We’ll get in touch with you for tele dentistry appointments or in-clinic sessions


The DentalMonitoring app makes it easy to receive your personalised treatment advice. You can contact us easily through the app with the in-app messaging function.


Using the DM app allows you to see how close you are to achieving your new smile. You’ll be amazed when you see the results of the unique photo morphing technology appearing on your screen.


If you’re concerned with any part of your orthodontic progress, send us a scan, and we can guide you with the next steps. We can also arrange an appointment if needed.

FAQs About Dental

Why do we offer DentalMonitoring?

We know telehealth and teledentistry offerings work, given the changes to work and professional dentistry practices coming out from the Covid-19 pandemic. This solution reduces the number of times you need to come to our clinic.

We also offer DM because it’s such an innovative and valuable solution to help you achieve your orthodontic goals.

Does DentalMonitoring cost extra?

We don’t charge patients any extra for using the DentalMonitoring technology. It’s part of our standard orthodontic service offering, and it’s another way we put back into our practice.

Can I use DentalMonitoring for metal braces and Invisalign?

Yes, we give the DM technology to our patients coming in for all our orthodontic offerings – traditional metal braces and Invisalign.

What happens to my DentalMonitoring devices after I finish orthodontic treatment?

We don’t require the ScanBox device to be returned to our dental clinic. You can delete the DentalMonitoring app from your smartphone, and safely place the ScanBox components into your home recycling bin.