Childrens Dentistry in Mornington
Childrens Dentistry in Mornington

Childrens Dentistry in Mornington – Your Child Deserves the Best

When it comes to childrens dentistry, parents should know that we are committed to caring for your childs overall dental health as if they were our own children. We are passionate about dental education and are committed to helping children from an early age.

Why it is Important to get Childrens Dentistry Right

We understand that a first visit to the dentist can be a daunting prospect for many children. For this reason, our aim at Barkly Street Dental Group is to ensure that when your child visits us, our friendly and highly experienced dental team is fully equipped to make even the youngest patients feel at ease. We aim to make dentistry for children interactive, educational, and above all, fun!
Conveniently located on the Mornington Peninsula, Barkly Street Dental Group is well-positioned to serve the needs of our youngest and most curious patients.

What is the best age to start bringing children to our dental practice in Mornington?

Unless there are specific concerns at an early age, we recommend children’s first dental visit should be at around two and a half years of age. This will be when most of their baby teeth have erupted into the mouth. As well as checking their dental health, we are able to slowly and gently get them accustomed to the dental environment which progressively builds confidence and trust in our team.

Why is good quality dental care so important for your child?

There are countless benefits associated with bringing children to our dental clinic from an early age. By initiating visits at an early age, parents are more likely to put their child into a positive dental routine that will set the stage for a lifetime of good oral habits. In addition to this, below are some other factors and services that your child can benefit from:

• Preventive assistance for early care habits – including thumb sucking and mouth breathing that may otherwise cause dental issues later in life.
• Professional cleaning and examinations – More pre-school children are developing cavities than previously experienced due to the increased consumption of bottled water, which has no fluoride in it, rather than tap water. Preventive dentistry for children may include such things as fluoride treatments and fissure sealant treatment.
• Education and learning – These include factors such as correct brushing and flossing techniques, the breaking of bad habits such as nail biting and the importance of regular dental check-ups.
• Orthodontic correction of jaw relations and tooth positions.
• Overcoming any dental fear or phobias, especially ones related directly to dental procedures and dental professionals.
• Early diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of congenital dental issues.

When it comes to childrens dentistry in Mornington, it is reassuring to know that our Barkly Street Dentist has been helping and advising younger patients and their parents since 1984. As such, we are well-established in the community to assist with your child’s first dental check-up. To make a dental appointment, give our Dentist a call today on (03) 5975 5355 .

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