Month: August 2019

bone graft for dental implant mornington

What is a bone graft for for a dental implant?

Patients who have been missing teeth, for an extended time, often require a bone graft to enable a dental implant. When the teeth are missing, hence the teeth roots, the jaw bone deteriorates. Some patients are apprehensive about bone grafting initially. However, our dentists extensive dental implant experience ensures that grafting for dental implants is a …

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teeth whitening cost mornington

Teeth Whitening Cost – What You Can Expect

The search for a brighter, whiter and younger looking smile has plenty of patients enquiring about teeth whitening cost and how long it will take to achieve that desired smile. And it’s not a surprise either, with beauty experts telling us that the surest way to look younger is to get a whiter smile. At …

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