Dental Implants

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Why use Straumann rather than cheap dental implants?

Implant dentistry has brought welcome relief to millions of patients around the world. Because of cost implications, many of those patients entertain the idea of cheap dental implants. At our dental surgery on the Mornington Peninsula, we are very specific about the type of implant used. We exclusively offer Straumann dental implants to our patients.   Why …

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The Risks of Dental Implants in Thailand

If you’re thinking about dental implants in Thailand because of the cost, it’s worth remembering that not every case of dental tourism goes to plan. At Barkly Street Dental Group we pride ourselves on utilising superior dental implant technology combined with our dental practitioners’ many years of expertise, so that our patients reap the long …

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bone graft for dental implant mornington

What is a bone graft for for a dental implant?

Patients who have been missing teeth, for an extended time, often require a bone graft to enable a dental implant. When the teeth are missing, hence the teeth roots, the jaw bone deteriorates. Some patients are apprehensive about bone grafting initially. However, our dentists extensive dental implant experience ensures that grafting for dental implants is a …

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How Can Straumann Implants Help Your Tooth Loss?

Barkly Street Dental Group is proud to offer our patients innovative Straumann implants, a dental implant system that we consider to be one of the world’s best for tooth replacement. We are committed to offering our patients a high level of care, and high quality dental implants. Let’s take a look at what makes us …

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