How Can Straumann Implants Help Your Tooth Loss?

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Barkly Street Dental Group is proud to offer our patients innovative Straumann implants, a dental implant system that we consider to be one of the world’s best for tooth replacement. We are committed to offering our patients a high level of care, and high quality dental implants.

Let’s take a look at what makes us so loyal to the Straumann dental implant system.


Why Do We Support Straumann Dental Implants?

With a proven track record that extends more than 25 years, Straumann’s investment in research, development and clinical trials is unparalleled. Straumann’s long history and successful clinical trials make this dental implant manufacturer a reliable and predictable partner to work with.

Thanks to its well-documented history, we can advise our patients with confidence, and we can expect predictable outcomes from dental implant treatments when use Straumann.


What’s The Difference Between Implant Brands?

Not all implant brands are created equal and while there may be a number of manufacturers making big claims, Barkly Street Dental Group supports the proven results of Straumann. There are many vendors out there, with many of them competing on a cost basis.

Dental implant manufacturers tend to create implants for specific applications. For example, some implants can be loaded straight away while others require the period of osseo-integration before they can bear a crown. Some implants are created for use in certain areas while others are sized for their particular application or position.

What we have found is that other brands of dental implants lose their ability to hold the crown over time when compared to Straumann products.


Straumann Dental Implants Are Committed To Ongoing Research

Straumann’s continuous involvement in research and development means that the company invests substantially in implantology, across equipment and tools, as well as in products that are aimed to help prevent tooth loss.


An Extensive Range Of High Quality Product

Straumann implants also produce a complete range of solutions from regeneration solutions for the bone, to creating the replacement tooth. The full range includes the abutments that connect to the implant. The company also produces a range of professional instruments and components that have been custom-made to be used in conjunction with the Straumann dental implant system. Their tools and components are world renowned for their quality, reliability and safety.


Dental Implants That Are Strong And Durable

The Straumann dental implant system has been crafted from titanium and zirconia. The end result is a choice of dental implants that are stronger and more durable than other implants on the market. Shorter implants are available for patients with insufficient jaw bones and smaller implants give patients more treatment options than ever before.


Outstanding Osseo-Integration Properties

Straumann’s high quality components encourage osseo-integration, leading to more successful implant procedures and less treatment complexity. Two and a half decades of research and clinical trials means that patients can look forward to smoother, less invasive dental implant procedures.


Digital Guidance Makes For An Accurate Process

While the success of a dental implant procedure is very dependant on the skill and experience of the attending dental professional, Straumann’s digital guidance makes each surgery even more efficient.

Straumann’s technology complements the skill of your dental professional making for a dental implant procedure that goes to plan, and that produces results you are satisfied with.

Being able to see what is going to happen in your dental implant treatment makes the dental implant procedure a stress-free experience for our patients. It also enables our expert team to communicate effectively with our patients – and ensure that their expectations are met.

Are you curious about Straumann implants and how they can benefit your dental health? We’d love to tell you more about the Straumann dental implant system. Please call our practice for the closest available appointment: (03) 5975 5355.

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