Name our Seagull: We have a Winner!

Meet Chip the Seagull Name the Seagull Competition 2021

Say hello to Chip!

Thanks to all our followers who submitted an entry in our recent competition to name our seagull.

We received a range of great responses, which would have equally suited our seagull. We sat down and thought about all the names you suggested, but we’ve chosen Chip for a few reasons:

  • We eat hot chips down at the beach
  • We love our beachside location and lifestyle
  • Seagulls love hot chips too!

Chip also happens to be the nickname for Charles. We don’t do formal at our Mornington dental clinic, so we like the casual approach to Charles that Chip suggests. Though it puts us to mind of Charles Barkley, the famous American basketballer… Chip / Charles / Charles Barkley / Barkly Street Dental Group – get it?

And the winner is…

Chip was the most popular response, with 4 entries. The first entry sent was from Dominic, who receives an in-chair teeth whitening treatment at our dental clinic.

The runners up are…

Matthew, Janet and Julie also chose Chip, but we received their entries after Dominic’s. These three patients are the lucky winners of an at-home teeth whitening treatment.

Congratulations to all prize-winners, and sincere thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. We love the community response we received from this competition. We’re really happy to have Chip on board, and we look forward to seeing you at our clinic soon.