Why use Straumann rather than cheap dental implants?

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Implant dentistry has brought welcome relief to millions of patients around the world. Because of cost implications, many of those patients entertain the idea of cheap dental implants. At our dental surgery on the Mornington Peninsula, we are very specific about the type of implant used. We exclusively offer Straumann dental implants to our patients.


Why do we choose Straumann over cheap dental implants?

Successful dental implants procedures are a priority for us. We know that we can achieve excellent results when we work with this reputable brand because Straumann’s clinical history and track record are extensively documented spanning 25 years.


The problem with cheap dental implants.

We do realise that there are many manufacturers out there. However, we have noticed that inadequate long term research and insufficient clinical data seems to be a commonality. It has taken us many years of dedication to build our practice, and we would instead partner with manufacturers that share our long term vision for data-driven decision-making.

We believe that well maintained dental implants and excellent dental hygiene can help ensure that patients’ dental implants will last for the rest of their lifetime. And we would instead collaborate with dental implant manufacturers that have shown they can achieve this, rather than those that simply claim it. 

We’re invested in continuous professional development.

Our dentists are committed to best practice in dental implantology and uphold a very high standard in our practice. It is this philosophy that has enabled us to provide dental implant treatment to patients since 1988. We have experienced enough dental implants over the years to realise that Straumann fulfils a patient’s long term needs. Straumann provides ample professional support to us, to be able to achieve our patients’ treatment goals. 

Cheap dental implants aren’t just about cost.

A cheap dental implant that may save you out of pocket today may end up costing you significantly more in the next few years. 

A cheap implant might last three to five years, after which it may become troublesome and need to be replaced. The replacement procedure will cost more, but it will also inconvenience you with discomfort, some more time off work and another period of recovery. It may even cause you to doubt the efficacy of dental implants as a tooth replacement for you. 

A different brand of cheap implant might just not be strong enough, or its materials may not be well tolerated by your body, leading to further complications. 

Having a cheap dental implant might not make that much of a difference to your total cost, because they only comprise a fraction of your treatment estimate. Your treatment plan is much more complicated than the piece of titanium going into your jaw. Your treatment plan also includes a year to 18 months of dental treatment and post-surgical care. Your dental implant procedure is a long-term engagement and is estimated accordingly. 

The success of your dental implant procedure is not only dependant on your implant. While the implant is, of course, very important, it takes more than that for your dental implant surgery to be successful. It requires that you be educated about proper oral hygiene and for you to manage different lifestyle factors – like quitting smoking. 

It requires an experienced and qualified dental practitioner who conducts careful planning and a thorough treatment plan that is customised for your personal needs. 

All of these factors need to work together for your dental implant to really be beneficial. A dental practitioner who can help you achieve all of this won’t support cheap dental implants or want to cut any proverbial corners. 

The reality of cost

We realise that cost is a real factor for our patients. Still, we would like to reiterate that dental implants are not fast-moving consumer goods which can simply be swapped for cheaper alternatives. A great deal of engineering goes into their production, and we encourage patients to always invest in the best dental solution that they can afford. 

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